Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Victory is mine

The jug is now empty, all the TriLyte (ten and a half glasses) has been consumed, and I'm definitely a lot cleaner inside (and still getting cleaner) than I was. The liquid did get pretty unpleasant to drink, but after the break I had no more trouble with nausea. I found that rinsing with plain water or white grape juice (which I'm allowed) helped clean out the flavor between doses--I could have drunk the grape juice, but I was drinking more than enough already.

Vaseline is proving helpful at keeping my anus from feeling raw.

I had only the bits of nausea, never had any cramping or other side-effects. A bit of mild "feeling chilly", but that's partially not having eaten quite as much and the effects of constantly consuming cold beverages, and nothing that a blanket doesn't handle perfectly well.

And that is, by all accounts, as bad as this entire process is going to get. Hooray!

I can continue with clear liquids (clear broth, yellow jello, soda, tea, coffee, water, fizzy water, etc.) through 3am as I wish.


Anonymous said...

At least, if/when it gets worse you won't have any memory of it. :-) --CJ

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations!

So, I'm curious. Are you less hungry after drinking all this junk? More hungry because it's processing things quickly? Never were hungry at all, because you never eat seeds and fibrous material or dairy anyway?

Anonymous said...

sounds like a bidet would be nice to have. or maybe just hop into the shower after each trip to the toilet? I've done that before.