Thursday, May 29, 2014

No doubt due to my international fame as the author of ColonoscopyBlog (snicker), I recently got the opportunity to beta test an upcoming release of the iOS application. I enjoyed it and, with their permission, thought I'd pass it along. (You can find 22otters by searching for "22otters" in the AppStore on your iOS device, that will give you the current version, but the new version with speech recognition should be out soon.)

22otters is an app which helps you get through the process of getting through a colonoscopy.

I think one of the key features of 22otters is the calendar. One of the things I remember most from my last colonoscopy (perhaps second only to the GoLyte experience) was keeping track of the detailed schedule of what I could and couldn't eat or take each of the five days before the procedure--the rules for nearly every day were different. Having an interface that makes it easy to figure out whether I can take that aspirin or have slice of pizza on a particular day without having to do the math would have kept things a lot simpler. The calendar isn't just limited to the dietary restrictions, but contains a number of reminders of things you'll want to do in the days leading up to your procedure.

I also liked the dedicated timer for the dreaded "prep fluid" drinking.

Finally, I was impressed by some of the ways the app uses technology to create a usable and friendly experience. The app's instructions were provided both in voice and displayed text. The version I tested also includes some surprisingly accurate speech recognition--when it asked me what medications I was taking, well, let's just say that I would doubt Siri would have gotten the names of my meds right on the first try.

I'm told that the new version (with speech) should be in the AppStore soon, I'd grab the app now, and enjoy the update and speech stuff when the update comes in.