Sunday, February 22, 2009

WSJ talks about a "push" for conscious-sedation-free colon exams

According to this WSJ article, more and more doctors are suggesting the "nearly secret option" of colonoscopies without sedation.


Anonymous said...

The risk from perforation comes from the sedation; if you don't get sedated the exam is basically risk free because you can feel if the scope gets looped and you can let the doc know before he perforates your colon! With sedation, you don't know until it's too late. This exam is comfortable without sedation; it just takes the doc a few more minutes to do it unsedated. But they are in such a rush that they "insist" on sedation and that's why this exam is risky. Demand a sedation-free exam and don't agree to "a little sedation"; they won't bother with this, they will give you the max; it's easier for them. I have had several unsedated and one with sedation; the sedation is awful and dangerous. Why am I telling you this? It's a dirty secret that most docs and gastro nurses get their exams unsedated.....They want a better, safer exam.

Anonymous said...

A sedation-free colonoscopy is much safer; and if you find a decent GI doc who will take their time doing the exam, it's not uncomfortable at all. "Sedation" with Versed isn't anesthesia, it just means that your memory is impaired and many patients think that they were asleep because they don't recall anything. Trouble is: a lot of patients have long-term memory loss from Versed and similar drugs. My doctor said that they get a lot of requests for unsedated colonoscopies, but they try to convince patients to get sedation since it makes it easier for them to do the exam. He did agree that a sedation-free exam is safer. Much safer.

TheHardQuestions said...

Lack of sedation is NOT for everyone. The thought of a colonoscope 10 feet into my body gives me the creeps. Cramping by medical tool gives me the willies. I need the sedation, psychologically.

I am sure I am not alone. Cold turkey colonoscopy is definitely not for everyone.